Product Support

Commvault will provide full support for the current generally available release and one previous product release. Commvault End-of-Lifecycle (EOL) Support Notice will be delivered, electronically, during each phase of EOL activity via campaign notices, beginning twelve months prior to the effective date of obsolescence and consist of the following phases:

  • Phase 1 – announcing the start of EOL activity with continuation of full product support for the following six months (months 1 through 6 of the EOL campaign).

  • Phase 2 – Extended Assistance Support (EAS) in which Commvault will provide workarounds or known fixes, only, no new code development will be made for the final six months (months 7 through 12 of the EOL campaign).

Commvault EOL activity shall apply to the product release referred to in the current customer notice and all third party vendor hardware and software platforms and applications discussed on the 3rd Party Vendor Support page; as well as any products which, by their nature, are also dependent on these products. Third-party vendor EOL activity applies to Commvault® software releases which are fully supported; i.e., current GA release and one previous version.