Third Party Vendor Software Support

Commvault will provide support on operating systems and application versions made obsolete by their respective vendors for a period of up to 90 days after the operating system or application version full support ends by the vendor (provided the Commvault release originally supported the operating system version or application version in question).

Although Commvault will make all reasonable attempts to provide support for Commvault products on vendor operating system and application versions throughout the vendor supported life cycle for the operating system and application versions, we reserve the right to EOL support for certain third party products (beyond basic file system backup support) on specific vendor operating system and application versions at any time. All engineering support for a third-party vendor operating system, application, or hardware product that has reached EOL will expire immediately upon the release of the notification of obsolescence. Commvault Customer Support will provide commercially reasonable assistance to customers with unsupported platforms and applications limited to Tier One support assistance where possible. No hot fixes or updates will be released as part of this assistance.

For additional information regarding Commvault support of third party operating systems and applications, please visit the System Requirements section of the product documentation website.

Third Party Vendor Hardware Support

Commvault will provide support on vendor hardware listed on the Hardware Compatibility Matrix for a period of up to 90 days after the vendor's full support ends. In the event that support for vendor legacy hardware is required; customers may leverage Commvault Media Explorer to recover Commvault product-created data. For more information on Media Explorer, please reference the product documentation website.