eSupport & Self-Help

Commvault offers a variety of online, web-based resources to assist our customers with the day-to-day operations of their Commvault Software Enterprise:

Commvault Customer Support Portal

The Commvault Customer Support Portal is where Commvault Cloud SaaS Customers with active Subscriptions can create and manage their support cases to quickly resolve any issues related to their Cloud SaaS data management services. For Commvault Cloud Software customers, the Commvault Support Portal contains a set of powerful tools to enable Commvault Cloud Software customers to better optimize their deployments. The portal includes:

  • Commvault's eSupport Center for managing customer support cases
  • Configuration and deployment guidelines
  • Tips and techniques to achieve better performance
  • Supported hardware and software matrixes
  • Technical FAQs
  • Interactive Troubleshooting Guides, and more…

Knowledge Base

A repository of Troubleshooting, Best Practices, Technical Reference and Frequently Asked Question articles that address common topics related to Commvault software.

Compatibility Matrices

A comprehensive database of all Libraries, Drives, HBAs, Bridges, Switches, IP Controllers, Virtual Tape Libraries and NDMP file systems, from a wide selection of vendors, that have been tested and verified as compatible with Commvault software.